How to make Oreo Cake at Home

how to make oreo cake

Oreo cake is a famous and most popular dessert recipe. Today we’ll make a very simple and easy homemade chocolate oreo cake. Oreos have been one of my preferred cookies probably since childhood. I’ll choose them over and over on any day. Let’s see how to make oreo cake.




Prep time

30 minutes

Cooking time

30 minutes


310 kcal

This oreo cake recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. To make this recipe, we’ll need the following ingredients…

Ingredients for Homemade chocolate oreo cake :

  • 2 large pack oreo biscuits
  • Warm milk (220ml)
  • Melted chocolate/ Oreo cream
  • 1/2 tablespoon baking powder
  • Oil
  • Pan
  • Parchment paper
  • One medium-size bowl
  • One small size bowl

Directions to Make chocolate oreo cake:

  • In a medium-size bowl, separate the Oreo cookies.
medium and small size bowl
  • Next, Separate Oreo cookies cream in a small bowl. We will use it for filling later on.
separate the Oreo cookies
  • Now add warm milk into the separate Oreo cookies and mix well.
add warm milk
  • Next, add 1/2 tablespoon baking powder into the mixture and mix well.
add baking powder
  • Take a pan, add oil, and brush oil properly.
  • Next, place Parchment paper in the pan.
  • Pour the batter we created earlier. We’ll make two cakes with this batter.
mix separated oreo cookies and warm milk
  • Next, close the lid and cook in medium heat for 8-10 minutes.
  • Follow the same steps to make a second cake layer. And let it cool completely.
  • Take the oreo cream, add 2 tablespoons of melted chocolate and mix well.
  • Next, add the mix to the cake and spread it.
oreo cream and melted chocolate mix
  • Now place the second cake layer on the top.
oreo cake recipe
  • Add some melted chocolate to the top of the cake.
  • Take a kitchen knife and cut it into slices.
homemade chocolate oreo cake
  • Now spread some grated chocolate at the top. Now it’s ready to serve.
how to make oreo cake

This is our easy homemade chocolate oreo cake! Hope you’ll like it. Leave a comment if you found this helpful.

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